Protecting skin in the cold

With temperatures outside dropping below zero, cranking up the heating and enjoying an extra coffee can keep the chill off – but, it can also play havoc with our skin.


Here are our top tips for looking after our skin in this chilly weather…

The rays are still out to play

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean UV rays disappear. Whilst they are weaker than in our warm summer months, if its bright outside, UV rays are present so it’s important we still wear an SPF daily to protect us from harm.

Heat can dehydrate us

Heating inside can rapidly deplete our skins moisture levels by drying our humidity in the air. Ensure you drink plenty of water and wear a good moisturiser morning and evening to prevent over drying

And so can the cold

Its not just heated homes and offices that draw moisture from our skin – but we are susceptible when outdoors too. Cold winds can whip the moisture from our faces, so again, preparing skin before you leave the house with a deeply moisturising cream will help to prevent damage.

Read your lips

Your lips will feel the signs of the cold first, cracking and drying. Use a good quality lip balm to keep them moisturised

Most of all, keep warm have fun and enjoy the snow if we get any!


Much love,


The FG girls xx