Pampering Treatments

Relaxing and de-stressing isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity…  Not only should we all have a good old pampering session every so often, the whole experience should be fun rather than a headache.  That’s why we will always try our best to get you booked on when you really feel the need and always place you with the best therapist for your selected treatment.

Our large range of treatments never fails to impress our guests – with something for everyone.

We have recently been inspired by travels abroad to introduce a new selection of treatments – all with a hint of the tropics.  Our deeply nourishing and relaxing treatments entice the body and relax the mind- a pure indulgence experience.

Our massage menu allows our guests to select a massage to meet their needs.  We have sourced perfectly complimentary oils to intensify your experience.  From relaxation, to cellulite busting, mums to be and brides to be- a massage is a little slice of heaven.

Whatever your perfect treatment, we are here to relax and revive you.

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